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TRENDZ, the largest apparel & accessories show within Florida and the Caribbean Basin, showcases a wide range of ready-to-wear collections, accessories, shoes, and gifts.


TRENDZ is committed to providing industry buyers with a professionally run market and a user-friendly atmosphere guaranteed to make their business experience a comfortable, productive, and enjoyable one! TRENDZ is a wholesale order writing show that is open to the trade only. Make your plans now to join us at TRENDZ!   



TRENDZ is a WHOLESALE, ORDER-WRITING market produced for the fashion retail trade.


THIS SHOW IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. To enter, you must be affiliated with a business that resells product represented in the show. Invoices may be required to verify that your business resells such product. Complete credentials must be presented in order to register and be badged. TRENDZ reserves the right to refuse admission to any person other than those individuals approved for entry.


TRENDZ requires that businesses provide the following credentials for admittance:

All of the Following:
•Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License)
•Retail Tax Certificate
•Imprinted Business Check
•Photo ID (one per buyer)
•Personalized Business ID (Business Card or cancelled Payroll Check). One per buyer required.


Plus One of the Following:
•Executed Sales Tax Return
•White or Yellow Page Business Phone Listing
•Lease Agreement for Commercial Space


Since this is a wholesale market, open to the trade only, buyers are requested to bring guests ONLY if essential to their business at the show. (Maximum 2 guests per business). Guests will be admitted at Show Management’s discretion and must register on site with a qualified buyer.


Non-exhibiting manufacturers, importers/exporters, designers and wholesalers will NOT be granted admission.


To maintain a business-like atmosphere, no carriages, shopping carts, pets or children under the age of 12 permitted in the show. Children under the age of 18 are not issued “Buyer Badges.”


TRENDZ reserves the right to request additional buyer credentials if we deem it necessary or to deny admittance to any individual or group that it deems inappropriate for its shows.




Qualified individuals may pre-register using the Buyer Online Registration Form.  





Qualified individuals may also pre-register by downloading the TRENDZ Buyer Registration Form, filling it out completely, and faxing or mailing it to our office along with the required credentials.

Fax to: 305-718-4323


Mail to: TRENDZ, 1717 N.W. 79 Avenue, Doral, FL 33126


Email to:


Please note: TRENDZ does not mail buyer badges. If a new buyer has submitted a pre-registration form as well as the required credentials, all that must be done to receive a badge upon arriving at the show is to present a photo ID at the Buyer Registration Desk. A badge will be printed on-site.




THERE IS NO SAMPLE BUYING AT TRENDZ as it is a respected industry event. Guards will stop anyone carrying merchandise out of the exhibit area. The buyer will be required to return the merchandise to the booth from which it came.


Neither buyers nor exhibitors are allowed to photograph any booth except with the express approval of the exhibitor whose lines are to be photographed. (This rule does not apply to show staff. Show staff periodically use photographs of show participants in promotional material. By virtue of your attendance, you automatically agree to usage of your likeness in promotional material.) Unauthorized photography should be reported to the show office. 


Thank you for your understanding of all the procedures and policies.  Make sure to take advantage of our virtual directory, which includes an exhibitor list, lines represented, product categories, etc.


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