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Exhibitors may click the link above to download the appropriate Exhibitor Package, which includes a contract. After filling out the paperwork completely, you may either fax or email it. After receiving and processing your contract, an invoice with payment portal will be emailed to you. Payment may be made by either credit/debit card or an ACH payment.

Fax to: 305-718-4323  |  Email to:

Please read the following information prior to filling out your contract:

Florida Fashion Focus, Inc., who organizes TRENDZ, is a membership association. Our members are individuals rather than companies or corporations. Since membership is non-transferable, please be certain to place in the contract’s “Exhibitor Information” field the name of either:

  • The owner of your company; or

  • The individual that is most permanent in your company.


The “member/exhibitor” does not need to be present during our markets. The name of the person that will be staffing the booth should be placed in the “Show Representative” field.


The membership and participation fees are based upon your category of business in accordance with our association’s Constitution. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


TRENDZ, the largest apparel & accessories show within Florida and the Caribbean Basin, showcases a wide range of ready-to-wear collections, accessories, shoes, and gifts.


TRENDZ is a regional market that draws retailers from the state of Florida and the Caribbean Islands, as well as an increasing participation from out-of-state stores. If you are interested in building your account base in these areas, TRENDZ offers you that opportunity.


Ongoing marketing programs are utilized to bring new accounts to every show as well as to bring back established return business. Those programs include:

  • E-mail marketing campaigns.

  • Social media campaigns.

  • Brand awareness marketing campaigns.

  • Lead generation campaign targeting specific quality accounts, offering them incentives to attend market.

TRENDZ provides its exhibitors with marketing tools to assist in their pre-show marketing campaign.

  • All new exhibitors receive buyer registration lists from prior TRENDZ shows once payment of all show fees has been received.

  • All participants in a TRENDZ show receive a buyer registration list within 10 days after the show closes.

  • First-time exhibitors receive either a complimentary mannequin or an accessory shelf for display in our buyer registration lobby during the show, thereby gaining excellent product exposure.


TRENDZ’ cost-effective exhibitor package offers the following:

  • For apparel exhibitors, a quality customized booth that includes hardwall panels at the back of the booth with adjustable hanging bars…ready for the exhibitor to hang in upon arrival. 

  •  For accessory exhibitors, a table-top setup provides tables and risers allowing for maximum space utilization.

  • The standard equipment package for both accessory and apparel exhibitors provides a specified number of tables based on booth size, chairs, hanging bars or risers, wastebasket, booth number sign, and electrical service.

  • “Buyer-friendly” and “business-friendly” environment within which to conduct business.

  • One hotel room for 3 nights per contract at one of our host hotels.

  • One lunch and coffee coupon per exhibitor/booth for each of the 3 show days; maximum of 2 per booth.

  • Complimentary exhibitor parking throughout the show.


TRENDZ friendly and helpful staff strive to make the show experience as easy and pleasant as possible. Set-up and break-down at TRENDZ is as hassle free as any exhibitor might wish for.


We hope you will join us at TRENDZ!


Non-exhibiting sales-representatives, manufacturers, importers/exporters, designers, and wholesalers will NOT be granted admission to enter our show. A staff member will be happy to accompany you onto the show floor for a quick walk through your category and to answer your questions.


Day One​ 9:00am - 6:00pm

Day Two 9:00am - 6:00pm​

Day Three​ 9:00am - 4:00pm


NEITHER SAMPLE SALES NOR CASH AND CARRY ARE ALLOWED AT TRENDZ. Any booth that does either will be shut down for the balance of the show and will be penalized as per our Contract Market Rules. Security will stop anyone carrying merchandise out of the exhibit area. Any buyer leaving the exhibit hall with merchandise will be required to return the merchandise to the booth from which it came. Any exhibitor that wishes to remove merchandise must first go to the show office to explain the reason for doing so and to request a pass to present to security. Passes are also necessary to take merchandise into the show and are requested in the show office.


Neither buyers nor exhibitors are allowed to photograph any booth except their own. (This rule does not apply to show staff. Show staff periodically use photographs of show participants in promotional material. By virtue of your attendance, you automatically agree to usage of your likeness in promotional material.)Unauthorized photography should be reported to the show office.


Please contact us with any questions or for assistance in completing your contract application. We look forward to seeing you at TRENDZ!



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