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Inventor 2012 Upgrade Universal - Getting Upgrade Error


The installation fails because it can not activate the product on your computer. This can be caused by too few installed previous versions or it can be that you recently tried to install a new version of Inventor. You should try to either restart your computer or to try to install once again the version of Inventor you are using on your computer. Contact you authorized Autodesk account manager if you want to receive an answer about your problem. So I chose to reinstall it. However, now it doesn't work. The installer says 'the product is already installed' but if I click 'update' I can't activate it because I have an invalid serial number. And as you may see in the screenshot below, the serial number is correct. How can I get my Autodesk Inventor Pro 2012 Professional license to activate? A: I've had similar troubles. My recommendation is to try and re-install in safe mode to see if it shows up (AFAIK, there are no references on the internet about safe mode with Autodesk products. Anyway, if it doesn't work, try to uninstall everything, reboot the machine and then try to install again. Here's how you go from Safe mode to normal mode. Press F8 during the boot (before Windows start). You will see the text "Boot in Safe Mode". If you don't see anything, press F8 until you see the boot menu. Select Safe Mode A: You should choose option "Safe Mode" when You see the splash screen. Before You have this option, You need to change the software from "normal" mode to "Safe Mode" and then you can change to install type. Beside that, I think you need to disable some security software or programs on your computer and hope to solve this problem. Q: Is it safe to use the same password for my Gmail account and the Google Account of my Android-phone? My Google account is linked to Google Authenticator. Is it safe to use the same password for my Google account and the Google Account of my Android phone? A: Yes, it is. It is safe to log in to Gmail with your phone as long as the phone is lost or stolen. This is because: Google authenticator's offline access is only activated when there is an internet connection (i.e., when you are logged in online

Inventor 2012 Upgrade Universal - Getting Upgrade Error

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